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Spring cubs of Lake Clark

September 11, 2014

Is there anything more adorable than spring cubs playing? These two were putting on quite the show! Mom was in the grass nearby keeping a watchful eye.   We were on our way back to the lodge on my last evening in Lake Clark National Park when we ran into these cuties. Enjoy!





For more images from Lake Clark NP you can follow this link.



Bath time in Lake Clark NP

August 30, 2014

It’s a beautiful warm summer day in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. So what should a bear do? Take a nice refreshing bath, of course! Aaah, bliss!!!






For more images from Lake Clark National Park in Alaska please follow this link.

Happy Birthday National Park Service

August 25, 2014

August 25th is Founder’s Day and the National Park Service is celebrating its 98th birthday with free admission to all National Parks on that day. To find out more about the National Park Service or to find a park near you can follow this link

Here is a picture taken in my favorite National Park which also happens to be the first one – Yellowstone.


geyser (1 of 1)-2



You can find more of my Yellowstone images here.



Pictures of my Myanmar exhibit

January 14, 2014
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My Myanmar exhibit at the Great Ponds Gallery in Lakeville, MA, is sadly coming to an end on January 21st.  For those of you who were unable to visit it, here is a short slide show of the images that were on display.

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To view all of my Myanmar images (or to purchase a print), I invite you to visit my website

2013 – A year in review

January 1, 2014

2013 started off great with another trip to one of my favourite destinations – Myanmar! I was able to revisit some wonderful locations, see new and off-the-beaten path places while making new friends and developing my creativity. A visit to a village in the Chin hills was just one of the highlights. It was great to get a glimpse into the life and traditions of these welcoming people there.

chin hills dance (1 of 1) 3 new web

chin hills women (1 of 1) 2 web

In Bagan I finally was able to take the hot air balloon ride I had wanted to do for such a long time – an unforgettable experience. The ancient city of Bagan is just an incredible sight.

Bagan dawn web2


Bagan balloons (1 of 1)-2

Myanmar is a photographer’s dream. Please visit my website to view more pictures of this incredible place.  Just follow this link.

I returned home to New England just in time for a major snow storm and to be stuck inside for four days without electricity and running water. Only a few days after the power came back on I received an email requesting to license one of my Bison at Grand Prismatic images to the State of Montana for a nationwide advertising campaign! Needless to say I was jumping up and down with excitement. The picture was displayed on billboards, buses, trains and the Seattle ferry terminal. A different image of the Bison also proved quite successful in the Greater Lynn International Salon where it received the  medal for best nature image.

Bison web

I spent spring and early summer exploring closer to home with a few trips to New Hampshire to photograph waterfalls, fields of lupine and other wild flowers.

Diana's bath web

hobblebush blend 2 web

St. Matthews chapel

A day trip organized by NECWA provided a great opportunity to photograph Humpback whales off the coast of Cape Cod.

humpback (1 of 1) web

In the fall I met up with my mother in Munich for a whirlwind 6 day trip to the Dolomites in Italy. Our trip started with a snow storm during the first night at Tre Cime which resulted in some wonderful photography the following day. Oh, how I wished I had more time there! But the main purpose of the trip had been to visit with friends and family in Germany  I had not seen in several years.

tre cime sunset (1 of 1)-3 web

tre cime sunset (1 of 1)-4 web

More images from my trip to the Dolomites can be found here.

Through the year I also enjoyed photographing some of our four-legged friends.

elizabeth (1 of 1)-3 web

As some of you know my passion besides photography are horses and the art of dressage. Even so I do not own a horse anymore  I still like to further my education and there was no better opportunity than the clinics by Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg from Vienna. He is an absolute master of this art and it has been an absolute privilege to observe and photograph him working with the horses and riders.

in hand (1 of 1) web2

I finished the year with an exhibit of some of my Myanmar images at the Great Ponds Gallery (in the Lakeville public library), which opened December 3rd and will be on display until January 21st (if you are in the area and would like to visit it, more information can be found here).

Now a new year has begun. To find out what this year has in store for me, stay tuned. I am planning on keeping up my blog this year, something that had been a bit neglected in 2013.

To see more of my photography please feel free to visit my website at .

A visit to Mittenwald in southern Germany

November 3, 2013

On my way back from the Dolomites to Munich this September, I stopped for a couple of hours in Mittenwald, Bavaria. Mittenwald, a village situated in the foothills of the Alps, has been a center for manufacturing violins since the 17th century. The Klotz family started this tradition and continued it for generations.

Mittenwald (1 of 1)-5

Mittenwald (1 of 1)-6

Mittenwald (1 of 1)-7

The town center of the village is known for its elaborately painted homes as well as the St. Peter and Paul church.

Mittenwald (1 of 1)-2

The beautifully painted ceiling in the St. Peter and Paul church.

Mittenwald (1 of 1) web

one of several painted houses along the main street in Mittenwald.

“Visions of Myanmar” exhibit

November 2, 2013

I am very happy to announce that I will have an exhibit of some of my Myanmar images at the Great Ponds Gallery in Lakeville, MA, lasting from December 3rd until January 20th. A public opening reception will be held on December 3rd, 2013, from 5 until 7 pm.


Once known as the Pearl of Asia, Myanmar is a country full of stunning historic sites and inhabited by friendly and welcoming people. Their strong traditions and culture, which are deeply rooted in Theravada Buddhism, combined with their isolation from Western influences over the past fifty years, make a visit to Myanmar like traveling back in time (you can take a look at a short slide show from my first visit  here ).

I have visited Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, on two occasions. My first trip was in  December of 2011 and I returned for a second visit in January of 2013.  My image of a young monk studying in a monastery in Yangon won the “Children of the world” medal at the Greater Lynn International Salon in 2012.

If you would like to have a glimpse of what this country is like, please join me at the opening reception or stop by anytime during the regular opening hours (Monday noon – 8pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10 am – 8 pm, Wednesday 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 10 am – 2 pm). The gallery is located at 4 Precinct Street (Lakeville Library) in Lakeville, MA.

I hope to see you there!

Humpback whale excursion

August 11, 2013

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of taking part in an all day whale-watch excursion organized by NECWA. NECWA is a non-profit organization based in south-eastern Massachusetts, dedicated to the protection and conservation of  the marine wildlife in the coastal waters. Twice a year they offer a wonderful all day tour to observe seabirds and whales.

After a rainy and stormy week we ended up with a beautiful day and pretty calm waters. About 3 hours into our trip we hit the jackpot! Whales were bubble feeding all around our boat. An amazing sight! Here are just a few images of a wonderful day on the ocean off Cape Cod. (you can click on each image for a larger view)

whales (1 of 1) web

humpback (1 of 1) web

humpback (1 of 1)-2 web

humpback (1 of 1)-4 web

humpback (1 of 1)-5 web

humpback (1 of 1)-6 web

whales (1 of 1)-2 web

If you would like to find out more about NECWA or any of their upcoming events, you can follow this link.

Let me take you on a virtual tour of Bagan

June 9, 2013
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The ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar, is one of the most incredible places on this planet. And the best way to see it is early in the morning by hot air balloon. On my trip in January this year I was finally able to take this amazing balloon ride. Let me take you along on this ride and then explore more of this amazing city with its temples, monks, ancient traditions and farmers with oxcarts. I hope you enjoy this slideshow set to music.


Click on the HD icon in the top right corner for better quality.

Celebrate Earth Day and National Park week

April 22, 2013

Mammoth hot spring abstract web

Today is Earth day, created 43 years ago to raise awareness to environmental issues, and also the beginning of National Park week. From today on through Friday the 26th, admission to all National Parks is free.  So celebrate the beauty of nature by visiting  your favorite National Park. To find a Park and activities offered you can follow this link.

The above image was taken Mammoth Hot springs  in Yellowstone National Park, the oldest of all the parks and one of my favorites. There are few places on earth where the forces of nature are so evident.