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March 24, 2010

I have experimented with some more monochrome conversions for a few of my Kenya images. Your comments are much appreciated.

Giraffes at Lake Nakuru National Park

Giraffes early morning at Lake Nakuru National Park

Water buffalo on the shore of Lake Nakuru.

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  1. Sabrina permalink
    March 25, 2010 2:47 am

    Beate, I like these, a lot. I’m not sure what it is but I found that a number of my images looked better when I took the colour out. To me they just felt right. You did a nice job converting them. Shall we say “canvas”?

    • Beate Dalbec permalink*
      March 25, 2010 2:51 am

      Thank you, Sabrina. I know what you mean. Some images just seemed stronger without color and others don’t work in monochrome at all.

  2. March 25, 2010 12:24 pm

    Beate, I love these. I especially like the second image. Sometimes the colour just distracts from the image. I really like your tones in these. I sometimes have trouble getting them just right, but you seem to have it down!

  3. March 31, 2010 11:28 am

    Beate I like them too. As Krista said – you really have the tome thing down. I think we can concentrate on the expression of the animals more if there is no colour. These ones really work.

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