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Think twice before you put your camera away.

August 20, 2010

On a recent trip to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park with my friend Victoria Braden we had planned to photograph some wildflowers and also hoped for a beautiful sunset over the Olympic mountain range. Well, the wildflowers were a bust. We only found a few lupine and most of them looked already pretty scraggly. Then, to top it all off, thick clouds moved in, the sun disappeared and at that point we were quite certain that we could also scratch our notion of a beautiful sunset. Nevertheless we stuck it out, waited and then, just as the sun was setting, the clouds started to brake up.  The mountain valleys were still in a blue mist and the clouds over the mountains briefly turned a beautiful shade of pink. Worth the wait. We were glad we did not give up and leave.

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  1. August 21, 2010 3:19 am

    Worth the wait indeed. The colors are great — so is the composition.

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