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An evening at Trillium Lake, Oregon

November 23, 2012

During my trip to the Columbia River Gorge I had hoped to catch a nice sunset reflection of Mt. Hood in Trillium Lake. It seemed like a calm afternoon that particular day, so I headed to the lake in plenty of time for sunset. When I arrived there was a strong breeze, the water was quite choppy and definitely no reflection. But there were some beautiful whispy clouds over the mountain in an otherwise clear sky. So I put my initial plan aside and concentrated on the clouds instead.

I had hoped that the clouds would stay for the sunset and turn to a beautiful pink, but it was not meant to be. But instead, the wind calmed down and so did the water in Trillium lake. I did get my reflection after all! And with some nice alpenglow on the mountain.  Never give up too early!

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